The new public studies professor keeps a thorough knowledge of brand new social sciences and you may knows the value of this new societal sciences

The new public studies professor keeps a thorough knowledge of brand new social sciences and you may knows the value of this new societal sciences

Mathematical Viewpoints: The new mathematics teacher knows this new historical development of mathematical info, the fresh new interrelationship between community and you may mathematics, the structure off math therefore the growing character out-of mathematics and you will analytical degree

Geometry and you may Aspect: The latest mathematics teacher understands and you may spends geometry, spatial reasoning, dimensions maxims and you will beliefs and technical appropriate to teach the statewide classes (Colorado Important Education and you will Experiences [TEKS]) in order to ready yourself youngsters to make use of math.

Opportunities and you can Analytics: Brand new math professor knows and you will spends possibilities and you may statistics, its software and you will technical compatible to coach new statewide programs (Tx Extremely important Education and Skills [TEKS]) so you can get ready students to utilize math.

Analytical Processes: Brand new math teacher knows and you will spends analytical methods to need statistically, to resolve mathematical trouble, and make mathematical connectivity in this and you will beyond mathematics and also to promote statistically.

Geography: The social training professor enforce expertise in someone, urban centers and you can environments in order to support students’ comprehension of geographic matchmaking from inside the Colorado, the us in addition to industry

Statistical Understanding and Education: New math teacher understands just how children see and produce mathematical experiences, methods and you will rules; knows regular errors pupils build; and uses this information to bundle, plan out and apply instruction; to get to know instruction wants; in order to show the college students knowing and employ mathematics.

Mathematical Analysis: Brand new math teacher knows evaluation and you will spends various formal and you may informal assessment process compatible into learner to your a continuing base to keep track of and book training and to view and you may declaration pupil advances.

Elite group Advancement: The fresh new mathematics professor knows math practise just like the a career, knows the benefits and you may advantages of being a great reflective professional and you may knows the necessity of making good lifelong commitment to elite increases and you can creativity.

The fresh public studies teacher spends education and you will feel regarding social degree, once the outlined because of the Texas Extremely important Training and you may Event (TEKS), to package and apply effective classes, knowledge, assessment and you will review.

History: New public knowledge teacher applies experience in high historical events and you will developments, plus from numerous historical perceptions and you can records, in order to facilitate beginner understanding of matchmaking between your earlier in the day, today’s therefore the upcoming.

Economics: New public studies teacher understands just how people plan out monetary assistance so you’re able to create, spread and you can consume goods and services and you will spends this knowledge to help you enable youngsters to know financial expertise and also make advised economic behavior.

Government: The new personal education professor understands just how governments and you will structures out-of stamina mode, give purchase and you can allocate tips and you will uses this information in order to support college student comprehension of how people and organizations get to the requires as a consequence of governmental systems.

Citizenship: New social studies teacher knows citizenship in america and you can other communities and you will spends this knowledge to prepare children to join within our community through an insight into democratic values and you can citizenship methods.

Culture: The brand new societal training teacher knows societies as well as how it produce and you will adapt and you will spends this knowledge to enable youngsters to comprehend and you will respect cultural variety into the Colorado, the united states together with globe.

Technology, Technology and you can Area: This new social knowledge teacher understands developments in the research Disabled dating and you can technology and you can spends this information so you’re able to helps pupil understanding of the newest personal and you may environment outcomes out of scientific knowledge and you will technology.

New technology teacher protects class room, community and research facts so that the protection of all of the children together with moral care and you will therapy of organisms and specimens.

The technology teacher knows how research impacts the each and every day life of college students and just how research communicates which have and you will impacts personal and personal choices.

This new technology teacher understands and you can understands the brand new technology blogs compatible to train the latest statewide programs (Texas Crucial Training and Event [TEKS]) in the actual technology.

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